Have You Lost Your Groove and Career Mojo?

When I work with professionals they often share they are unhappy with their job and feel stuck in their current role. They have lost their career mojo and can’t get their groove back. They are not sure how to move forward. Recently, I spoke with an executive that feels stuck, frustrated, and dissatisfied with her current career. To protect the innocent, let’s call her “Susie”.

An Invitation to Make a Difference

I write, speak and coach on several topics including life balance and career transitions.  These two topics are very popular as most of us have a desire to do what we love and love what we do, while enjoying life.  We crave joy and happiness and want to use our gifts,...

Is Work Outweighing Your Life?

You wake up early, do your morning routine, and then go to work. You spend hours at the office while waiting on others to produce reports. You crank out projects. And, let’s not forget the meetings you sit through. You leave the office 12 to 14 hours later only to...

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