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Need a Speaker?

Coach Staci  can be your event’s keynote speaker, breakout leader, or facilitator.  Types of events may include:

  • Seminar
  • Convention
  • Lunch-and-learn
  • Workshop
  • Virtual event
  • National Conference

Coach Staci inspires, motivates and encourages your aduience while presenting rock solid content that impacts your bottom-line.  She helps your community and organization thrive in life, businesses, and career.

Favorite Topics to Educate & Empower

Coach Staci provides strategies, solutions and motivation to implement and move forward.  She speaks on a variety of topics.  Here are just a few:

Intentional Living Among the Chaos  
You want life balance, but figuring out where to begin is challenging. Staci shares how to live intentionally even when life gets crazy.

Overcoming the Square Peg – Round Hole Syndrome
You are bored and unfulfilled with your job and/or life.  But why?  Are you using your true gifts, skills and talents?  Are you fulfilling your passion?  It’s time to start being the best version of YOU! Learn how to utilize your strengths, contribute your gifts, talents and skills, and be your true authentic self while living with purpose.

The 3R Formula for Success in Your Life & Career
Learn the secret sauce to finding success in your life and career. After coaching many six-figure professionals, Staci provides the formula that helps people take action, be more productive, and enjoy life.

Building Effective Relationships in Business and Life
Discover your behavioral style and how it impacts relationships and communications. Become a better communicator, close sales, and manage more effectively. Build stronger co-worker, family and friend relationships.

Unwrap Your Gifts
Discover your many God-given gifts and how to share them with others through ministry, business, or day-to-day living.

Coach Staci speaks on other topics related to

  • Career
  • Life Balance | Intentional Living
  • DISC Behavioral Style Assessment
  • Marketing & Get Clients Now! (TM)
  • Relationship Building
  • Leadership
  • Effective Social Media

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