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frustrated job searchEver had a day, week, month…or even year, where you just can’t wait to get out of a situation? You are stressed and unable to sleep. You are miserable. For simplicity purposes, let’s say this “situation” is your job. (However, this advice can apply to any life changes. )

So, you are dreading your job. Every morning your stomach is in knots when you wake up from a sleepless night. You are suffering, your family is suffering, and you know have to make a change. You may think the easiest fix is preparing to jump ship by finding another job. You will settle for any job as long as you get out of the current situation.

As a certified coach, I’ve seen this situation many times: A professional comes to me for career coaching, because she settled for the current job. She is in this position because she hated her previous job and just needed to move on. After updating her resume and LinkedIn profile, she networked, applied various places, and interviewed. BAM! She landed a job and settled for the first offer. She was happy once again since she waved good bye to that last employer. Then, after a year, the “new job honeymoon” phase is over. She finds herself right back where she started. She is very unhappy and once again her family is suffering as well as her health. That’s when she decides to work with me.

Unfortunately, when you just “settle,” you are not addressing the real issues. You may find a job that puts a band aide on your current situation. However, once the honeymoon is over, you find yourself right back where you started…miserable. It can become an endless cycle. Here’s the good news – there is a solution!

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In the example above, settling for a job could have been avoided. Let’s back up. A resume and LinkedIn profile are very critical steps in a career or job change. But, in order to stop the endless cycle (or madness), your resume and profile should not be your first steps when you feel the urge to jump ship or make a change. Instead, take a moment to pause, reflect and explore. Ask yourself, “Why?

  • Why do you want to leave your current situation?
  • Why are you open to looking now?
  • Why are you not happy where you are?
  • Why now?

As you explore your “Why,” you may find that you are craving more purpose, time with your family, less stress, more challenge, or more time to do the things you love to do. Each situation is different. But, you have to really explore your “Why.” Write down your responses. Keep a journal. Discuss them with a trusted loved one, friend or coach.

More than likely, you are going to discover that your work is outweighing your overall life, and you do not have life balance. In other words, you are allocating all of your time to work, and neglecting other areas such as your family, health, faith, friends, and finances. Your job is causing stress because you are not addressing an area of your life that is important to you.

When you feel conflict, stress, or frustration, start exploring a change by asking yourself “Why?”. This one step is the beginning of transformational life change that leads to joy, happiness, and life balance.

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