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Do you desire to more joy & passion in your career & life …

But you no idea where to begin?

The 3R Formula for Intentional Living

A 3-week program for busy Christian professionals 

At a time when you may be feeling…

  • Burnt out in your career or life
  • Weighed down by work and life
  • Overwhelmed with your overstuffed schedule


You crave and desire to…

  • Spend quality time with family and friends
  • Travel  to your dream destinations
  • Serve and volunteer using your gifts and talents
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor


I have a feeling you want MORE out of life! You want to live with purpose, enjoy life, and earn the living you deserve.


What if you could…

  • Wake up every morning with passion and purpose feeling joy and excitement for your many life blessings! 
  • Sleep peacefully at night knowing you were productive and accomplished the important things! Increase your confidence and self-esteem by giving the boot to guilt, overwhelm, distraction, procastination, and bad habits! 
  • Transform into the best version of YOU — Living intentionally and boldly!
  • Discover the gift of time to be with those you love most! Make decisions and take action with purpose and confidence!

Here is what you will recieve:

  • 3 weekly video courses
  • Membership site with recordings
  • Workbooks to help you through the rediscovering, reclaiming and redefining process
    • Acccountability check in’s
    • Encouragement to take action
    • Tools and Assessments to help you discover where you are today, and ideas on how to move forward

    Investment:   $97

    Special Introductory Offer  Regular Price $147

    Extra Bonuses:

    • Interact with me live once a week during the program  Typically my coaching programs are $2400 to $6000.  You will be able to ask me questions live for only $97 investment!
    • Life Balance assessment $25 value
    • Values Assessment $25 value
    • Set of downloadable motivational quote cards $25 value

    About Staci Witten, CPLC

    Hi!  I am Staci Witten, a career and life strategist.  As a Certified Professional LIfe Coach, I help professionals align for true success and intentional living.  I apply my 20+ years in human resources and entrepreneurship as I assit you in rediscovering, reclaiming, and redefining success for your life and career!

    I’ve helped countless professionals in their lives, careers, and businesses.  As a career and life strategist, I am excited to help you find your passion and life balance so you can live more intentionally!

    Both my clients and personal journey are testimonies that it is possible to align for true success and intentional living.  I apply my human resources and business ownership when I partner with clients.  Before you create a resume and LinkedIn profile, you must know who you are and define where you want to go next in your career and life.  To succeed , you must rediscover yourself, reclaim your life, and redefine success for your career and life!  

    I’m an empty nester residing in the Dallas burbs with my husband and two sweet pups.  I have a beautiful daughter in college.  My Christian faith is my foundation!  I believe in using my God-given gifts and encouraging others to do the same.  I’ve served in various church leadership roles including Lay Leader for our congregtation of 2500.

    I’ve helped change lives of other professionals just like you!

    As a career and life strategist, I’ve had the honor to coach and consult with many professionals who had a desire to align for true success and intentional living. Here is what some of them are saying:

    I started working with Coach Staci to explore how to use my education, talents, and skills to develop a career and life plan. She helped me discover my God-given gifts, values, and the type of environment I want to work in. Working with her also reminded me the importance of my faith in finding joy, purpose and happiness in a career.

    ~ Melody Tanner| Nutrition & Hospitality Professional

    I worked with Coach Staci upon transitioning out of the military. She helped me explore my military skills and translate into civilian terms. She understands the challenges Veterans face after being discharged from the service. It becomes culture shock when you have been in the military for 10 years and then you are suddenly in the civilian world. It is difficult to maintain your military values and ethics in a population that does not value the same things. Coach Staci helped me explore several companies and organizations that were a fit with those values and work ethics. She helped me craft my resume to land a great job!

    ~ Melissa Gresham | Safety Professional | Military Veteran

    I worked with Staci to hone in on my public image as an entertainer/musician and WOW! she rocked! She was able to organize my creative mind into a well thought out “pro” image and has changed the way I do business. I’m more confident in working with other entertainers in the music industry and can now provide a clear and concise resume of my performance and entertainment experience to my colleagues.

    ~ April Samuels | Executive Director | Drummer | Musician 

    Staci’s expertise has helped me translate my skill set into meaningful experience that employers are responsive to – Staci ALWAYS went above and beyond and took the time to get to know me; her attention to detail and caring spirit was not only encouraging but also helped me highlight qualities I didn’t even notice. Not often do you run across someone you can trust, I’m thrilled and wish I could do more than just recommend Staci. Her insight, creativity, and integrity are an asset and a blessing.

    ~ Halley Roberson | Operations Executive 


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