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make-a-difference_smI write, speak and coach on several topics including life balance and career transitions.  These two topics are very popular as most of us have a desire to do what we love and love what we do, while enjoying life.  We crave joy and happiness and want to use our gifts, talents and skills while helping others.  We want to make a difference!

Here is your chance to make a difference! Currently, I am working on our next program and value your input.  As a member of my community, I want to extend a special invitation complete a Career Life Needs Survey.  

Complete the Quick Survey

Your Invitation

Please take this short survey (5 to 10 minutes).  Once you complete it, you will receive the following gifts:

  1. Complimentary ebook that will help you in your career transition.
  2. Complimentary Virtual Discovery Session — The opportunity to schedule a 30 minute session and discuss where you are in your career and/or life.  This step moves you towards building a strategy to take you to the next level. (This opportunity is available for a limited time.)
  3.  An opportunity to receive an exclusive special price on our upcoming program!

Imagine being a part of a life changing program that will effect professionals similar to yourself.  I work with high potential and highly motivated people who have a desire for transformation and meaningful purpose.  That is why you expressed interest in our community.  And, that is why I value your time and feedback.

Your Next Step

You may go to the short survey by clicking this link.  Once completed, you will gain access to your free gifts.

If you want to achieve life balance, transformation, and share your gifts, this is a great opportunity to help yourself and others!  Thank you for your feedback!



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