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    Staci Witten, ACC, CPLC

    Career and Leadership Coach

    Who am I?

    I'm Staci Witten and I work with professionals and entrepreneurs who are hungry for more, design a bold balanced lifestyle and find time for what matters most. My proven process helps professionals and business owners explore “what’s next” while helping them create and implement strategies to leverage their God-given gifts, strengths, passion, values, experience and skills. I work with professionals and entrepreneurs by applying my 20+ years of human resources, recruiting, coaching, and business ownership experience.

    Many professionals work with me to help find their next job or career. Clients who follow my process expedite their success. They typically book interviews within 60 days and receive job offers within 120 days or less. (Results may vary due to salary, position, and COVID19 impact). If you are looking to have an effective and productive job search that produces results, I can help you!