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When I work with professionals they often share they are unhappy with their job and feel stuck in their current role.  They have lost their career mojo and can’t get their groove back.  They are not sure how to move forward. Recently, I spoke with an executive that feels stuck, frustrated, and dissatisfied with her current career. To protect the innocent, let’s call her “Susie”.  

Susie knows there is more to life. She is unchallenged and craves fulfillment. She’s bored with her daily work and life routine. She feels she is running on a hamster wheel never reaching a goal or destination. Susie wants to figure out what’s next for her life and career but doesn’t know where to begin.  

I often hear this similar scenario of lacking direction, feeling stuck and being unfulfilled.  Can you relate?  

If so, you’re not alone. A recent study indicates that 80% of people in America are unhappy with their job.*  They feel they are not moving forward. In some cases, they feel like they’re not fulfilling a purpose.

This statistic is very high! How much productivity is really going to occur in the workplace? Just think about it. If this statistic applies in your office, eight out of ten people are unhappy.  If teams are struggling, this issue needs to be explored. If you are unhappy with your job, chances are you are less productive.  If you have eight out of ten co-workers who are unhappy, the overall end result includes team and company productivity loss.  

If you are struggling with this issue, you should consider exploring these questions:  

  • Do you know your God-given gifts?
  • Are you using your God-given gifts?
  • Are you using your talents, skills AND experience?
  • Are you challenged?
  • Do you know your passion?
  • Are you actively following your passion?

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions, your strengths are underutilized and you’ve lost your groove.  You may be in a situation where you are unable to share your full potential. This situation can lead to burnout, stress, frustration, and even illness.  So what can you do?  

Here’s the good news.  You can get your career mojo back by rediscovering your passion, values, gifts, talents, and skills. Utilizing your strengths while fulfilling your passion will help you get your groove back and live more intentionally while redefining success for your life and career.  You will start experiencing joy once again! As an extra bonus, you are likely to live a more balanced life.  In addition, you have an opportunity to earn more income because focusing on your strengths will increase your productivity.  

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