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Coach Staci Witten

SMARTER Goals: Creating Goals That Work

From juggling your holiday obligations to family gatherings to end-of-the-year job requirements, it can be hard to find time just for you. But that’s why it is so important to spend this time of year doing a little soul-searching and personal reflection so that you can create your goals for the New Year. Don’t just settle for a SMART Goal when you can create a SMARTER goal instead. Staci Witten shows you how.

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Creating Inspiring Goals Versus Fading Resolutions

It’s the end of the year, and for every bit of joy and happiness that you are getting from the upcoming holiday festivities, I’m willing to bet that there is an added level of anxiety when it comes to the New Year.  I’ve written before about how to reach your potential through setting your resolutions and goals and let’s face it:  we put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves when it comes to starting off the new year with a positive outlook and high expectations…

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15 Transformational Tips to Rewrite Your Resume

Starting a job or career search can be a stressful and overwhelming process. You have to know why you want to change jobs, explore and decide what you want to do, research target companies and industries, write or revise your resume, create or update your LinkedIn profile, prepare for interviews, and more . For today, we are going to explore one component of the process –your resume…

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Have You Lost Your Groove and Career Mojo?

When I work with professionals they often share they are unhappy with their job and feel stuck in their current role. They have lost their career mojo and can’t get their groove back. They are not sure how to move forward. Recently, I spoke with an executive that feels stuck, frustrated, and dissatisfied with her current career. To protect the innocent, let’s call her “Susie”.

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Is Work Outweighing Your Life?

You wake up early, do your morning routine, and then go to work. You spend hours at the office while waiting on others to produce reports. You crank out projects. And, let’s not forget the meetings you sit through. You leave the office 12 to 14 hours later only to...

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I started working with Coach Staci to explore how to use my education, talents, and skills to develop a career and life plan. She helped me discover my God-given gifts, values, and the type of environment I want to work in. Working with her also reminded me the importance of my faith in finding joy, purpose and happiness in a career.

Melody Tanner
Nutrition and Hospitality Professional
Raleigh, NC

Coach Staci helped me explore my path for the future, set professional goals, and gain more confidence. She also worked with me to become more comfortable when submitting my resume and connecting with people on LinkedIn.

Human Resources Professional
Phoenix, AZ

I worked with Coach Staci upon transitioning out of the military.  She helped me explore my military skills and translate into civilian terms. She understands the challenges Veterans face after being discharged from the service.  It becomes culture shock when you have been in the military for 10 years and then you are suddenly in the civilian world.  It is difficult to maintain your military values and ethics in a population that does not value the same things.  Coach Staci helped me explore several companies and organizations that were a fit with those values and work ethics.  She helped me craft my resume to land a great job!

 Melissa Gresham, ASP
Safety Professional, PhD Candidate & Military Veteran
Dallas, TX

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