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Introductory Session (Complimentary)

Coach Staci wants to understand your career needs.  During the 20 minute Virtual Discovery Session, you and Coach Staci are introduced to one another over the phone or Skype. You will discuss where you are in your life and/or career. Then, you and Coach Staci will develop a plan to move you comfortably into the partnership while determining the best package for your personal and professional growth.  During the discussion, expectations of the coaching sessions from both you and the coach are outlined.  The Discovery Session is complimentary. Click here to schedule your call.

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Career Transition Coaching & Consulting

Coach Staci utilizes her intellectual property, skills, time, and resources to help move you forward during a career transition.  This transition may include discovering what you want to do in a career, helping you get unstuck, exploring job opportunities that are best suited for you, and/or confirming you are on the right path. This program is approximately 5 months, 3 sessions per month.

  • Coaching and Consulting Sessions – Move forward in your career and job search during these sessions.  Learn more about your strengths and how to utilize them in your career. For productive career transitions, sessions should be completed within four months of the first session.
  • Personal Profile and Gifts Assessments – Discover your style, how to better communicate with others, and your authentic gifts.
  • Resume Tailoring Techniques – Learn how to tailor your resume for specific companies and positions.
  • LinkedIn Training – Discover how to use LinkedIn to accomplish your professional goals.  Perfect your profile, learn to connect and network, and the many benefits of LinkedIn.
  • Interview Preparation – Prepare for your interviews by learning techniques and practicing.

If you are ready for advancement or career transition, schedule a Virtual Discovery Session!

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Individual Coaching: Executive | Life | Business |  Balance | Leadership

Basic Level CoachingThree Session Package.  Coach Staci helps you move forward by utilizing intellectual property, skills, time, and resources.  You will feel encouraged and invigorated after spending time together during the sessions. Sessions to be completed within 6 months of first coaching session.

Silver Level CoachingSix Session Package. You and Coach Staci discover a deeper understanding of what motivates you.  You will work with Coach Staci and explore your core values, personality style, talents, gifts and how each of these creates the authentic YOU! Sessions to be completed within 10 months of first coaching session.

Gold Level CoachingTen Session Package. You and Coach Staci will keep the momentum going as you move forward and accomplish your goals. This package allows you to be fully committed as you tackle project(s). Sessions to be completed within 12 months of first coaching session.

Platinum Level Coaching12 Month Bi-weekly Package.  You will receive unconditional support for an entire year, working side-by-side with a highly qualified professional coach.  You will tear down barriers, strategize action plans, draw from within every bit of potential you possess, and successfully reach your goals!  This package allows you complete access and support! Sessions to be completed within 12 months of first coaching session.





Individual Coaching Sessions (45 minutes) 3 6 10 24
Virtual Sessions via Skype or Phone
Email Support 10/mo 10/mo unlimited unlimited
Online Personal Behavioral Style Profile & Gifts Assessments
Assessment Results Session – discussing how your style effects your motivations, communication, decision makeing and more (30 minutes)
Strategy Discussion
Follow Up Accountability Calls
Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions
Bonus – Complimentary Coaching Session for business associate, spouse, or colleague
$1000 $2000 $3000 $7500

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Group Coaching & Speaking Engagements

Coach Staci is available for speaking engagements and group coaching.  To find out more information, email her directly at

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