Don't Sacrifice Your Joy for Holiday Cheer

Get the support you need to survive and thrive this holiday season!  

You resolve to stay strong, be positive during a pandemic, shop early, get all those gifts wrapped and still get sleep, only have a bite of this and bite of that; you have a plan -- to get more done, stay healthy, exercise, rest, and not get stressed with the holiday hoopla. 

Truth be told, it doesn't happen. Why? It’s not because you don’t know how to take care of yourself during the holidays. It’s because you have COVID fatigue. You are busy, taking care of everyone and everything else. You are not focused on YOU.  

What you need is a plan, support and resources to help you enjoy the 2020 holidays without feeling guilty or stressed.  

And we have that plan all wrapped up in a pretty bow for you...

Staci Witten Holiday Program
Yes! I want to Join Sleighing the Holidays 2020!

Sleighing the Holidays is a fun-filled, easy to follow 4-week program that delivers an effective way to navigate the holiday frenzy.

This program is our FREE GIFT to you!

That's right! Sleighing the Holidays is normally priced $97. And, let's face it, there is nothing 'normal' about this holiday season.

We know so many people need joy this holiday season. This program will help you find that joy and peace this Christmas!

When you enroll in Sleighing the Holidays, here's what you'll receive:



Happy and healthy living requires constant focus. You'll have access to activities and information inside our Facebook Group to keep you motivated and focused.



You'll be surrounded by vibrant, supportive, and like-minded professionals who want to enjoy the holidays along with you.



These live trainings will help you navigate challenging relationships, finding more time, and other obstacles you may encounter during the 2020 holidays.



Each week, you'll have LIVE access to me so you'll never have unanswered questions or feel alone during this holiday season.



These simple journal questions will help keep you focused on your holiday goals in six important areas of life.



Throughout the season, we'll award prizes to lucky peeps who participate in our challenges. You're welcome!

About Staci Witten, ACC, CPLC

Staci Witten ICF accredited leadership and career coach

I'm Staci Witten and I work with professionals and entrepreneurs who are hungry for more, design a bold balanced lifestyle and find time for what matters most. My proven process helps professionals and business owners explore “what’s next” while helping them create and implement strategies to leverage their God-given gifts, strengths, passion, values, experience and skills. I work with professionals and entrepreneurs by applying my 20+ years of human resources, recruiting, coaching, and business ownership experience. As an International Coach Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC) I've worked with professionals from various industries transition careers, search for new jobs, or start a business. I’ve also helped executives, mid-level managers and business owners leverage their strengths and find a healthy balance between work and play. In my experience in the corporate world and business ownership, I've learned how to find balance between my life and career. Along the way, I've made mistakes, but also had some major successes. Through that process and working with clients, I've developed a roadmap that offers the opportunity to live a more faithful and fulfilled life. Today, I work with clients through private and group coaching as I help professionals thrive both personally and professional. I share my strategies and process in career and job search as well as living intentionally. I am excited to help you too! Sleighing the Holidays is a great way to live more intentional and learn strategies to help you survive and thrive this season.

Get INSTANT Access To All This and More...

When you enroll today, you'll be able to get a jumpstart on the holidays with our 20-page Sleighing the Holidays Survival Guide which contains everything you'll need to not only survive, but to thrive this holiday season. 

And because it's all delivered electronically, you'll have access anytime and anywhere via your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Staci Witten

Hurry, we start in just a few days!

Staci Witten

Still Thinking About It?

I get it!

We've all enroll in do-it-yourself programs and failed because we tried to go at it alone. That's why this program is interactive. 

I want you to succeed and have the happiest and healthiest holiday season (with a few planned indulgences, of course!).

You've got nothing to lose...only joy, peace and happiness to gain!

Your fellow participants and I will be by your side as we focus on these concepts each week:

Sleighing the holidays Staci Witten

How do you want to feel this holiday season? The daily practice of visualizing your holiday experience will help you stay focused on your happiness and health. Learn how to design your ideal holiday season.

Sleighing the holidays

We give so much of ourselves during the holiday season. It is important to schedule time for YOU and focus on your health and well-being. When you take time for yourself, you have more to give later. Discover how you can schedule time for you during the holidays.

Sleighing the holidays Staci Witten

Tis the season of gratitude and giving. During busy times, it's easy to lose track of our blessings and the reason for the season. By focusing on gratitude and giving daily, you will be able to view the holidays with a joyful and healthier outlook. We will dive deep on how to experience the gifts of gratitude and giving this holiday season! 

sleighing the holidays staciwitten

We spend too much time "doing" and not enough time simply "being" and enjoying the now. Learn mindfulness concepts to help you slow down and enjoy the magic of the season. Often times, a simple perspective shift can drastically change your outlook. We'll share scientifically proven methods which help form a bridge between your awareness and actions. Don't worry, it won't hurt a bit!

So let's do it...

You get the , 20-page Holiday Survival Guide, live training, Q+A sessions, and motivational activities.

Join the FREE Program TODAY!

Staci Witten

Just like dessert, your SWEET BONUS is the last thing placed on the table!

You'll Gain Access to the Thriving Career and Passionate Life "Members Only" Facebook Group!

That means you'll have daily direct access to me, as well as other like-minded people who are on the same journey. If you need support, want to celebrate a win, or just want to chat...the community is ready to serve you.


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