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What if you changed nothing?  What if this time next year, you are experiencing the same struggles and challenges you are today?  How would you feel?  How much time, money, gifts and other resources would you be wasting or saving? Would you be happy or feel joy?  Or, would you feel bored, stuck or maybe even miserable?

People either dread and fight change, or they embrace and accept it.  Some even initiate change.  Everyone responds differently to life transitions.  As a professional coach, I help clients who innovate, embrace, accept and resist change.  For those who resist change, I ask the question, “If you change nothing, how will you feel a year from now?”  Typically, that is an indicator if it is time to move forward.

One reason we resist change is fear of the unknown, or fear of failure.  However, what if that change brings happiness, joy, or success?  No matter how simple or complicated it is, what if that change helps you achieve positive results?

One obvious type of life transition is changing jobs.  I recently worked with someone who was with the same company for over 8 years.  Although she did experience a promotion, she felt like she was stuck.  But, she resisted stepping outside that comfort zone and seeing what else was out there.  However, she cringed when she thought about being in the same place a year from now.  If she did start looking, she could find something more challenging where she could use her gifts and talents, and possibly do something more creative!  The positive possibilities outweighed the thought of being stuck in the same place a year from now.

There are many types of transitions such as downsizing and moving, starting over after divorce, becoming an emptynester, changing careers, and starting a new business. All have pros and cons.  In order to move forward, you have to seriously consider the positive outcome.  Personally, I look at change as a gift from God.  It is an opportunity for new beginnings.  Sometimes saying, “Yes!” to change is the best option!


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